Packing material shop

With the Trans BWG we offer you different types of
packing materials for your removal.

Here we would like to offer you to order your packing material “online”. Unfortunately we can offer you this service only for Berlin and surrounding. Please fill out the following form, click at “Calculate” at the end und go to “Send”!

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Clothing box [1.330 x 600 x 510 mm]7 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Standard box [650 x 350 x 370 mm]2,50 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Book box [500 x 350 x 370 mm]2,50 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Picture box [560 x 90 x 820 mm]2 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Picture corners [4 Pcs. pro Bild]1 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Bubble wrap [1,2 m wide x 50 m long]0,75 EUR/m² EUR/unit0 EUR
Stretch film + dispenser [10 cm x 150 m]3 EUR/film EUR/unit0 EUR
Plastic wrap [500 mm x 280 m]15 EUR/wrap EUR/unit0 EUR
Adhesive tape [50 mm x 66 m]3 EUR/tape EUR/unit0 EUR
Bedding bed [600 x 400 x 1.500 mm]2 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Mattress cover [1.700 x 2.200 mm]2 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Couch cover [3.200 x 950 x ???]2 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Armchair cover [1.000 x 750 x 1.100 mm]1,50 EUR/pc. EUR/unit0 EUR
Styrofill (foam peanuts) [Bag = 0,5 m³]50 EUR/bag EUR/unit0 EUR
Wrapping tissue [Package = 10 kg]1,50 EUR/kg EUR/unit0 EUR

Attention! In addition we charge a delivery fee !!!

Delivery fee for Berlin15 EUR/unit15 EUR
Delivery fee surrounding area up to 50 kmon demand

Total incl. 19,00% VAT in Euro: 0 EUR