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General Terms and Conditions

1. Subcontracting

The removals company shall be entitled to hire additional freight carriers to execute the removal.

2. Additional services

The removals company shall fulfil its responsibilities with the regular care expected by a proper agency, in the interests of the ordering party, in return for payment of the agreed-upon compensation. Any services and expenses that are not included in the concluded contract shall be charged separately. The same shall apply should the ordering party extend the contractual scope after signing.

3. Tips

Tips shall not be applied to the moving company’s invoice, and no receipt will be issued for same.

4. Reimbursement for removal expenses

Should the ordering party be eligible for reimbursement for removal expenses from his/her employer, the ordering party shall instruct his/her employer to pay the agreed-upon and due removal expenses – minus any rendered down payments or instalments – directly to the removals company, if requested to do so.

5. Protection of transport-sensitive goods

The ordering party shall be required to secure moving parts and/or electronic components of sensitive devices – such as washing machines, record players, televisions, radio and stereo equipment, or IT equipment – properly for transport. The removals company is not required to verify that such items have been secured for transport.

6. Procurement of craftsmen

Should the removals company procure additional craftsmen, it shall only be liable for their diligent selection (as defined by German law).

7. Electrical and installation work

Unless agreed otherwise, the removals company’s staff shall not be authorised to carry out electrical, gas, wall anchoring or any other installation work.

8. Setoff

Any claims against the removals company shall only be set off against counterclaims which are uncontested or have legal validity.

9. Assignment

The removals company shall be required to assign any rights stemming from a purchased insurance policy to the indemnitee, upon request by the indemnitee.

10. Misunderstandings

The removals company shall not be responsible for any misunderstandings arising from any orders, information, requests or instructions which are not submitted in written form, or which are submitted to individuals who are not authorised to receive them.

11. Post-check by the ordering party

When the removals items have been picked up, the ordering party shall be obliged to ensure that no object or furnishing which should have been left behind has been taken, and similarly that nothing which should have been taken has been left behind.

12. Due date of the agreed payment

The invoiced amount is payable on the moving day for transports within Germany, prior to completion of unloading; for international transports, payment shall be due before loading. In any case, payment is due in cash or cash equivalent.

13. Storage contract

In case of storage, the General Storage Conditions (ALB) of the German Removals Association shall apply. The ordering party may receive a copy of these conditions upon request.

14. Jurisdiction

Should any disputes with fully qualified merchants arise from this contract, or claims for other legal reasons associated with this transportation order, the local court in the area of the hired removals company shall be responsible. Should disputes arise with other individuals or bodies (other than fully qualified merchants), this exclusive jurisdiction shall apply only in the case that the ordering party has changed his/her permanent residence or abode to outside of Germany after contract conclusion, or if the ordering party’s permanent residence or abode is unknown at the time action is brought.

15. German law

German law shall apply.

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